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We are proud to have worked with hundreds of customers of all sizes around the world over many years.

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Monitoring & Code Quality

We recommended innovative technologies that has helped monitor and improve application performance and code quality.

SharePoint Performance

We provide a managed end-user experience monitoring service that records the performance and usage of over 150,000 people on a SharePoint intranet.

Monitoring & Services

We introduced successive generations of application performance monitoring tools as well as provided training and ongoing help and assistance.

Performance Tool Selection

"Application Performance bring their extensive experience and knowledge to bare on problems, quickly identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement in program code, database or infrastructure. Their advice is always specific, detailed, actionable and focused on creating the best customer experience for people using our software."

Performance & Code Review

“AP has helped us understand our third-party code so that we have been able to improve not only its performance for our users, but the ease with which we can make changes.”

Performance Tool Selection

"The team at Application Performance are really helpful in working with us to identify - and get the best out of - the right tools to keep our cloud environments running quickly and smoothly."

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Monitoring & Services

"Working with Application Performance has been extremely positive as they helped us every step of the way, from project definition, during the PoV, and through to implementation."

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Database Performance

"We greatly appreciate Application Performance’s openness to partner and willingness to implement our enhancement requests."

Performance Tool Selection

“Thanks to Mick and the Application Performance team, we’re now realising much more value from AppDynamics.”

Performance Review

“AP quickly diagnosed a complex situation that was causing significant performance issues within our eCommerce platform and made recommendations that quickly led to measurable improvement in performance for our customers.”

AppDynamics Services

We have helped Vodafone over many years to monitor their key applications and databases. Most recently, we helped them to maximise the benefits from AppDynamics monitoring across many of their business-critical applications.

Monitoring & Services

We initially solved a serious website performance problem that led to the deployment of an enterprise-wide APM toolset.