Performance Troubleshooting

Do you have a performance challenge that is hurting your business? Our team of expert consultants have helped many customers deal with similar situations by deploying the appropriate monitoring tools and applying their skills and knowledge to get to the root of the problem and solve it to match your operational needs.

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We have been helping customers solve pressing application performance challenges at all stages of an application's lifecycle for many years.

Whether you have a performance problem with a live application in production and need a quick fix or are struggling to release a new version of your application because it's too slow – we are here to help.

We love the opportunity to rise to a challenge and help new and existing customers keep applications in good health.

When asked to troubleshoot performance problems we like to start by understanding the big picture as well as the immediate technical challenge.

Experience shows that in order to be able to offer the best advice its important to focus not just on the technology but really understanding the people involved and the business impact being caused. We can then recommend fixes based on your immediate and longer-term objectives. In many cases, having helped solve a pressing performance problem our customers ask us to provide ongoing help and support for years to come.

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“As in previous engagements with AP, they quickly diagnosed a complex situation that was causing significant performance issues with our eCommerce platform and created a very actionable set of changes and recommendations that the team could quickly execute upon – leading to a measurable improvement in performance for our customers.”

Nick Burton

Chief Information & Digital Officer - Avon

How our team can help

Our team have over 20 years of experience helping customers solve application performance problems. Its true to say we live and breath application performance monitoring so if you have a pressing problem or are after more strategic longer-term advice we should be well placed to help. We would love to hear about your current challenge and explore if we can help.

Immediate help

Over the years we have helped companies of all shapes and sizes understand and fix pressing performance problems. These can be at any stage of the application lifecycle.

Quick fix

Our aim is always to provide maximum value in the shortest possible time. We can do this using whatever tools you have already or deploying out own.

Ensure scalability

Having solved the immediate short-term performance problem we are then often asked to provide help and advice to avoid it reoccurring in the future.

New release

We can help you baseline and compare performance before and after any new code release or other significant change. The aim is always to ensure the new release provides the performance needed to keep the users happy as well as meeting your business objectives.

New application

We can help you ensure your application has been architected to meet both short-term and long-term performance levels. You only get one chance to make a good first impression so it is important that a new application performs well from the start otherwise user adoption will be a challenge.


We can provide on-going mentoring to help customers and their third-parties maintain focus, quality standards and tackle any performance challenges that may crop up.

How can we help you?

Whatever combination of application and technologies you would like to monitor, we would love to help you explore the possibilities and see how you can gain new insights.

Our approach is to provide just what you need in terms of software and services to ensure your customers and users receive the high-performance user experience needed to support the demands of your business.

We don’t provide ‘standard packages’ you have to choose from. We review your individual needs and help you decide what's right for your business.

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