We have been working with AppDynamics since the very beginning helping customers put in place the application and business monitoring visibility needed to control even the most complex applications.

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When we started working with AppDynamics in 2010 it was just a cool Java monitoring solution that could work in production without causing a performance problem. At the time that was a big deal and opened the door for many more companies to be able to properly monitor their key applications.

Since then AppDynamics has developed into a true industry leader in the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) space. It has evolved to provide full ’end-to-end’ visibility of all the key technologies and business metrics needed to run even the most complex business across a mix of on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments.

Whether you an existing AppDynamics customer or just considering your options, we would love to help you explore how you can gain real-time insights into application performance, user experience, and business outcomes.

We don’t provide ‘standard packages’ you have to choose from. We review your individual needs and help you decide which services and solutions are right for your business.

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Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide including

“Mick was central to the success of our AppDynamics implementation across Plusnet.  His skill, expertise and attitude were of such high quality he quickly became part of our team and not a Professional Services contractor.  We’re now realising much more value from AppDynamics thanks to the support from Mick and the Application Performance team”
Andy Baird

Head of Infrastructure Services - Plusnet

Why we like AppDynamics

Over the past 10 years AppDynamics has helped to rewrite the rules for how application monitoring is done. Today it remains one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market that has been in the all important ‘top right’ Gartner Magic Quadrant for 7 years straight.

The many thousands of AppDynamics customers around the world not only benefit from a very mature APM platform, but one that has hundreds of integrations with other leading solutions such as ServiceNow, Jira and Splunk.

AppDynamics continues to innovate and has used Machine Learning  to provide automated anomaly detection to help get to the root cause of a problem faster. Also of note is the ability to combine business metrics with technical metrics to unlock new insights via Business iQ.

If you are already using AppDynamics and would like to get more value or are considering buying it, we would be delighted to help.

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"Working with AP has been extremely positive as they helped us every step of the way, from project definition, during the PoV, and through to implementation. Using their understanding of the product to support our operational teams we are sure they will continue to help us get the best out of AppDynamics in the future."
Zaahir Ghanty

Service Manager, ELEXON Ltd

How can we help you?

Whatever combination of application and technologies you would like to monitor, we would love to help you explore the possibilities and see how you can gain new insights.

Our approach is to provide just what you need in terms of software and services to ensure your customers and users receive the high-performance user experience needed to support the demands of your business.

We don’t provide ‘standard packages’ you have to choose from. We review your individual needs and help you decide what's right for your business.

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