Since WebTuna captures every request from every user you can drill down into a specific user's session and see every request they made and the response time. Without this kind of evidence, IT staff must rely on anecdotal information from end users. With WebTuna the process of troubleshooting issues for users is much faster.

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WebTuna is a Real User Monitoring (RUM) tool that captures every request from every user. It provides real time and historical analytics about the performance and usage of your web site or web application. Microsoft SharePoint has been a key area of focus for WebTuna customers.

WebTuna lets you see how the pages and AJAX requests within your web site are performing and how the load times vary by Page, URL, Device, Browser, Operating system, User, Country and more.

You will know when poor performance is affecting user experience and why.

WebTuna lets you see who is using you site and where in the world they are coming from. You can keep a check on the user adoption of your site and see which areas of the site are accessed most often and which are not.

WebTuna shows you not just averages and percentiles but the full distribution of response times and the breakdown of where the time was spent whether it be DNS lookup, TCP connection, SSL, redirects, server side response time or fetching the page resources and loading the DOM (Document object model).

If you have struggled to understand why your site is performing erratically, or why individual users complain of poor performance, then WebTuna can help you to find out the real issues at stake.

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Trusted by companies worldwide including

“We rely on WebTuna to track the real user experience before, during and after any change. The level of performance information we get from WebTuna is not something I’ve seen in any other product and helped us help Ricardo in unique ways. The granular level of detail as well as its ease of use provided a profound benefit, saved lots of time and helped the project succeed.”
Paul Bevis

Solution Architect - Foundation SP

Why we like WebTuna

You can never have too much information about the performance of your websites and the experience you provide to your users, whether intranets using SharePoint or external customer portals. WebTuna provides the ideal way to track performance, keeping hugely granular detail for the long term so that you will always have the data needed to analyse performance trends and confirm you are achieving SLAs. We think it's fair to say that WebTuna retains more detailed information about every user interaction with your website than any alternative.

Here are the reasons Ricardo rely on WebTuna to help manage their global SharePoint implementation for 3000 users.

Impact of changes

WebTuna allows performance monitoring prior to implementation of new SharePoint hubs, showing performance differences as new hubs come online. “You could immediately see the positive impact of the new hubs for individual users”

Historical place markers

WebTuna provides historical place markers so that the impact of changes that have occurred during development and deployment could be evaluated. “We love the fact you can add a sticky-note for every change we make in the WebTuna timeline, it ensures you always know why performance or usage changes at a specific point in time”

SharePoint performance and availabilty

Continually confirms that users are able to upload and download files to SharePoint as well as recording how long it takes for those file transfers to occur. “It is great that WebTuna provides us with SharePoint availability as well as performance information”

PowerBI integration

Integration with Power BI Dashboard provides a visually appealing and interactive dashboard that allows users to drill down into performance data. This provided FSP greater depth during presentations to clients with interactive data sets

Performance by server

WebTuna allows you to drill down into performance by server to ensure individual machines are healthy. Just looking at averages, masks the truth, with poor performance on a specific SharePoint server being hidden if the rest of the servers in a farm are performing at or above expectations

Support for any browser-based application

WebTuna can also be used for any web-based application and is not just limited to SharePoint

Real time

Unlike some web analytics tools, the information is provided in real-time meaning you can see straight away what performance the users on your site are experiencing

Long data retention

Subscription options allow for up to 13 months of unaggregated data which means you can analyse trends over time or look at the information before and after major events. Whether they are hardware or software changes to your site, marketing campaigns or product launches.

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"WebTuna provides invaluable insight into the performance and usage of our Global multi-farm SharePoint environment. With just a few clicks, we can see both real-time real-user activity showing how SharePoint is being used worldwide and highlight problems that need troubleshooting. FSP showed us how easy it was to get WebTuna installed and working; with hindsight, it would have saved us significant time and effort if we had come across WebTuna sooner. It would have helped us gather a true picture of performance and usage, rather than having to rely on anecdotal user feedback."
Dave Sexton

Business Systems Service Delivery Manager at Ricardo

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