Monitoring Tool Selection

The key members of our team each have over 20 years of experience creating, using and integrating monitoring tools of all types. We are well placed to help you decide which options should be top of your list and always go out of our way to build on any existing tools and skills that are already in place.

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We believe everyone deserves fast, reliable applications that deliver great user experiences. We customers achieve this through a mixture of our own software developed in the UK combined with best-of-breed solutions from around the world. All of which is brought to life using just the right amount of expert services.

We love the opportunity to rise to a challenge and help new and existing customers keep applications using all kinds of technology in good health.

When asked to help select monitoring tools we like to start by understanding the big picture. Experience shows that in order to be able to offer the best advice its important to focus not just on the technology stack and applications in scope but really understanding the people involved, the skills they have and the business impact improving monitoring is hoped to achieve.

Once we have that understanding we will be able to recommend cost effective ways to gain the short and long-term benefits required.

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“It is hard to imagine us being able to have successfully incorporated microservices into our architecture without the support of AP and the application monitoring they have recommended during our journey. They have truly partnered with us and always gone out of their way to ensure we are getting the most out of the products they provide.”

Murray Williams

Senior Software Architect

How our team can help

Our team have over 20 years of experience using and creating an array of monitoring and performance optimisation tools. Its true to say we live and breath application performance monitoring and like to think that in a small way have helped contribute to the current state of the market. We would love to help you select the right tool based on your unique situation.

Big Picture

To be able to offer the best advice its important to focus not just on the technology stack and applications in scope, but really understanding the people, processes and existing products being used.

Quick wins

Our recommendations blend the need for cost effective quick wins that unlock immediate value. Whilst linking to a longer-term strategy that can can be adopted step-by-step and drive improvements in your application performance maturity curve.

Longer term

We pride ourselves on helping customers long term as business and technical challenges evolve. We are always available to explore ideas, debate how you could do things better and offer cost effective help.

People and processes

Experience shows us that it is equally important to get your people and processes right and not focusing too much on which product you should be using. Getting the right balance is vital to long term success.


We are always keen to share our knowledge and help individuals and teams develop their skills. Whether you need help solving an immediate problem or are looking for more strategic guidance for the long term we are here for you.

Managed service

Although many customers ask us to help them select the right tools and ensure they are used effectively. Others ask us for a managed service, where we are responsible for deployment and usage, freeing them to focus on other tasks.

How can we help you?

Whatever combination of application and technologies you would like to monitor, we would love to help you explore the possibilities and see how you can gain new insights.

Our approach is to provide just what you need in terms of software and services to ensure your customers and users receive the high-performance user experience needed to support the demands of your business.

We don’t provide ‘standard packages’ you have to choose from. We review your individual needs and help you decide what's right for your business.

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