Calling on nearly 20 years of experience, we help Dev, Ops and Business users monitor and accelerate the performance of their critical applications, improve their code quality and deliver those applications faster through Continuous Delivery.

You can't manage what you can't measure. We have been helping businesses monitor and accelerate their applications, user experience, infrastructure, databases and business metrics since 1998.

We help customers gain visibility into their application errors and their frequency and impact. We stop bad code being promoted, improve code quality and reduce errors and bugs.

As companies look to release code more quickly to gain a competitive advantage they look to Continuous Delivery (CD) as the answer. We have ways to shortcut your journey to Continuous Delivery.

Faster Apps
Faster App Delivery

We have a long history helping customers deliver faster and more reliable applications through Monitoring and Acceleration software and Services. We also help customers deliver those applications to production faster through Continuous Delivery and Continuous Verification.

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What people say

" We really appreciated AP’s willingness to listen to our needs and suggest a solution designed to meet our priorities unlike other larger vendors who just wanted to talk about their products’ capabilities. "
Nick Burton

- Group Head of IT -

" The continuous performance improvement of our SaaS environment is benefiting from the data provided by the combination of tools recommended by the guys at Application Performance. "
Rollo du Pré

- Chief Architect -

" AP have helped us implement two really important performance tools. They were really proactive at helping us get the installation absolutely right and are certainly part of our team going forward. "
Frederik Bonde Neilsen

- Chief Portal Specialist -


Customers who trust us