AP helps i-nexus protect their customers’ performance

Application Performance (AP) has helped i-nexus since 2012 to ensure they always have the right application performance monitoring solution in place to meet their evolving needs as a business. AP always recommends solutions based on the technical, operational and commercial pressures on a client at any point in time and is passionate about combining products and services in innovative ways to ensure their customers succeed.

i-nexus Case Study


i-nexus needed to change how it was developing software and move from a traditional monolithic application developed using a waterfall methodology to modern microservices based applications deployed in the cloud using an agile approach. In order to support this change in application development and deployment approach i-nexus asked AP to recommend the best monitoring solution.


Having completed a review of i-nexus’s need to move from a monolithic application to a more flexible and scalable microservices environment designed to support a more agile application development approach, AP recommended moving to INSTANA. INSTANA is a cutting-edge application monitoring solution specifically designed for modern environments using agile methodologies, whether in the cloud or on-premises. INSTANA also includes all of its current and future features within a single purchase price, so, as the product gets better, customers are not required to spend more money - which is a unique and welcome approach to commercials – helping to control costs and increasing value over time.


Faster release cycles
i-nexus have been able to become more agile, moving from a six-week release cycle of two sprints,followed by two weeks of full regression testing, to daily releases for their new apps. In some cases where immediate changes are needed, i-nexus can push them through their automated release pipeline in hours. Using INSTANA gives them the confidence that each deployment is a success and that if a problem does reach production, it is spotted quickly and fixed, minimising any customerimpact.

Blind spots eliminated
This was achieved by the combination of great technology and cost-effective commercials. The monitoring solution recommended to i-nexus by AP provides traces for 100% of requests and covers their whole stack, end-to-end from the front-end user experience all the way through to the supporting back-end application microservices.

Faster time to resolution
INSTANA provides i-nexus with faster resolution times, getting them from an alert that something has gone wrong, to a fix quicker than ever before. A good example of this was an application slowdown in December, just as everyone had left for Christmas. With INSTANA, a small team of developers were able to react to an alert and isolate a new problem in minutes.

Faster developer onboarding
New developers can quickly get up to speed on one or more microservices without having to learn the whole monolithic code base. They are supported by application monitoring that shows both how their code is performing, and how it interacts with the rest of the product.

Great pricing
The cost-effective pricing of the new INSTANA solution has meant that monitoring could be deployed for all i-nexus customers as well as across all internal application development and test environments, supporting the whole lifecycle.

"The team at Application Performance are really helpful in working with us to identify - and get the best out of - the right tools to keep our Cloud environments running quickly and smoothly."

Murray Williams
Senior Software Architect - i-nexus

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