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Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service. Continuous Delivery has never been so simple.

As companies look to release code quicker to gain a competitive advantage they look to Continuous Delivery (CD) as the answer. Continuous Delivery is about getting better software to customers, faster, more reliably and with fewer bugs. But CD can be a hard and often long journey. The good news is that we have ways to shortcut your journey to Continuous delivery with a service that includes Pipeline Builder and Workflow wizards to get you started quickly. It has built in Secrets Management and a Single Pane of Glass to manage all your deployments. And it has machine learning based Continuous Verification and Smart Rollbacks should a deployment have problems.

Continuous Delivery can be a hard and often long journey. The good news is that we have ways to shortcut your journey to Continuous Delivery.

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a software engineering approach in which teams produce software in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be reliably released at any time. A straightforward and repeatable deployment process is important for continuous delivery. We can help customers gain greater speed and deployment frequency by deploying incremental updates to applications in production often multiple times per day.


When deploying to production, often the majority of the time is the verification process to make sure that everything is working properly post deployment and no new errors or performance issues have been introduced. If you have APM tools or Log monitoring tools then these can help but it is still a manual process. We help customers automate the verification process as part of their CD pipeline by applying unsupervised machine learning to time-series data from APM tools and unstructured event data from Log monitoring tools to automatically spot anomalies and failures and rollbacks.

In the event that an anomaly or failure is spotted then we can automate a rollback to the last working artifact version and run-time configuration with no required scripting or code.

Implement pipelines with complex delivery strategies like blue/green, canary, or rolling upgrades in a matter of minutes, and without having to maintain lots of scripts.

These enable teams to rapidly build deployment workflows with out-of-the-box support for canary deployments, blue/green deployments using cloud technologies such as AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, Docker, and Kubernetes.

One beautiful dashboard to see your entire software delivery process. Provides DevOps and team-leads with powerful insight into every application, environment, version and deployment. Teams can debug deployments in seconds.

Full role-based access control capabilities with the ability to manage secrets, compliance rules and audit trails across deployments that will keep your SecOps teams nice and happy.

For any application challenges, talk to the experts. You’re in good hands.

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