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Application Performance Monitoring

Monitor and optimise your application performance 

with insights from Application Performance

Code executed within the application server plays an important role in the delivery of a well performing application. If code does not run efficiently, the impact on application response times and throughput can be huge. With expertise and the right products to meet common performance issues, we can improve your applications, from the code upwards.

The first step to maximizing application performance is to monitor them using an ‘always-on’ collector agent. This enables you to establish an historical trend of performance over time, and to drill down into slow periods no matter when they occur. We have extensive experience helping customers monitor and optimize their application code in development, production and load testing. We have the tools to identify the root cause of any performance issues or bugs quickly, before they damage your reputation or impact revenue.

Application Monitoring

Single Pane of Glass

Different application types don’t need different application monitoring tools. See everything in a single pane-of-glass. Supporting Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python, C/C++ and iOS and Android mobile Apps, all from one single installation and UI.

Trending Over Time

You need to see more than just the real time performance and usage of your applications. Keep a full history for all performance metrics so that you can see how things are trending and when things change from normal behavior.

End to End Monitoring

Follow the path of transactions from web request or mobile app all the way through to backend database SQL. Even in distributed multi-tier applications or containerised micro-service applications, you can see how transactions flow.

Production Safe Monitoring

With less than 2% overhead, you can monitor your high-volume production applications 24/7. This means you have complete visibility into application performance whenever problems may occur.

Alerting for Problems

Get alerted when anything deviates from normal or passes a defined threshold. This provides early warning for impending problems, giving you the time needed to react before they affect end users.

Identify Root Cause

Get to the root cause of performance bottlenecks inside your applications. Drill down into call stack traces, all while running in a live production environment.

Production Debugging

Fix errors and exceptions in your production applications without having to reproduce in a dev or test environment. Capture stack traces, code, variable state and debug log messages to fix bugs rapidly.

Log Analytics

Logs can be a great source of information, but trawling through log files spread across multiple machines is massively time consuming. Log Analytics centralizes those logs, allowing for easy queries and visualization in dashboards.

Business Analytics

The performance and reliability of the application affects the performance of the business. A company’s applications are their competitive advantage. In depth application monitoring data can be utilized to provide insights into business metrics through dashboards and reports.

Application Acceleration

Web Acceleration

Web acceleration or front-end acceleration is an automated way to apply performance best practices to your site without having to recode your application.

Database Acceleration

Acceleration enables databases to scale up instantly and scale out transparently – with no changes to your apps or databases.


Application Performance Tuning Services

Don’t have the time or in house expertise? Let us review the performance of your application and provide advice on how to tune it. Our experts can have your application running optimally and delivering the best experience for its users.

Performance as a Service

Why not outsource performance to us? We can analyze the data from the monitoring tools and provide weekly or monthly summaries and recommendations.

Supported Applications

Application Frameworks

  • Java
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Go

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Unix

Mobile Apps

  • iOS
  • Android

For any application challenges, talk to the experts. You’re in good hands.