WebTuna – Real User Monitoring

WebTuna is a Real User Monitoring product for websites and web applications which provides performance and usage analytics.

Usage and Performance Analytics

Do you know what your users experience when they log into your website, intranet or SharePoint® application? How long does it take to complete a transaction? How does it vary by country or city? By operating system or browser? How can you judge improvements over time as you take corrective actions?

Using Real User Monitoring (RUM), WebTuna captures and aggregates the performance metrics most important to your business in real time. Data is presented in a easy-to-understand visual format giving you views of overall performance trends and the ability to drill down into individual user sessions and page views.

With WebTuna your website or intranet has the capacity to be more successful and deliver a better experience to your users.


Here’s just some of the benefits of WebTuna:

  • Track site usage or user adoption
  • Track site performance
  • Track end user experience
  • Build a long term picture of performance
  • Valid any improvements that you’ve made
  • Understand the picture across all transactions, all users and every time period
  • View performance by location.
  • Appreciate any differences between operating systems, browsers and devices.

Supported Platforms

  • Web sites
  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint Online (Office365)
  • Siebel OneCRM
  • Confluence
  • E-Commerce shopping sites
  • Web portals
  • Works with any browser based application into which you can add a JavaScript snippet

Download the WebTuna brochure for SharePoint. PDF (782KB)

Are you being given the full picture? Whether your users access SharePoint on-premise or via Office 365 you can use WebTuna to track the actual Real-User experience and performance they receive.



" WebTuna allows us to very quickly diagnose and solve user issues, as well as measuring our user engagement. "

Sarah FreestoneInternal Communications

" We deployed WebTuna, narrowed down the problem using its charts and analytics and got the site working right. "

Piyush ShahSenior Technical Architect

" We immediately understood that WebTuna offered the real end-user experience information we wanted to monitor. "

Frederik Bonde Lykke NielsenHead of Section
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