• AppDynamics – Application Performance Management

    Application Performance and Operational Intelligence

    AppDynamics Application Performance Management Software enables businesses to monitor the performance of code in order accelerate applications. The only true measure of performance is user perception. How do you know if your users are getting frustrated with slow response times and transaction errors?

    AppDynamics next generation application intelligence allows companies to accelerate their digital transformation and optimise every customer’s experience.


    Here’s just some of the benefits of AppDynamics:

    • Unified monitoring across many application types
    • Single pane of glass
    • Real time alerting
    • Track performance 24/7
    • Complete visibility into distributed transactions
    • Drill down to code detail and SQL
    • Quickly get to root cause of errors and slowdowns
    • Track end user experience for browser and mobile apps
    • Monitor infrastructure and databases
    • Build Business and Technical Dashboards

    Supported Platforms

    • Java
    • .NET
    • PHP
    • Node.js
    • Python
    • C/C++
    • iOS
    • Android

    What is AppDynamics?

    Take a quick, visual look at how AppDynamics application and business performance monitoring gives you real time visibility into your applications and customer experience.


    IG Index

    " The benefits are already emerging across different functions and the great support we have from the AppDynamics team is helping… "

    Augusto RodriguezTechnical Architect

    " Now we're regularly the first to tell our suppliers when they have a problem. "

    Andrew MulhollandOperations Architect

    " I haven't used a product like this before... that's anywhere near as good as what AppDynamics provides. "

    Steve PerkinsSenior Service Delivery Manager

  • Nexthink – End user IT Analytics

    Get more downtime for yourself – not your end users

    Nexthink marks a step-change in end-user analytics, delivering powerful insights that help you react quickly to slow-downs, investigate poorly performing devices and improve security. Using powerful machine learning, Nexthink can show you what’s normal and what’s not, enabling your team to take immediate action. Nexthink is an essential tool for anyone concerned with IT infrastructure performance, security, management and even HR.


  • WebTuna – Real User Monitoring

    Usage and Performance Analytics

    Do you know what your users experience when they log into your website, intranet or SharePoint® application? How long does it take to complete a transaction? How does it vary by country or city? By operating system or browser? How can you judge improvements over time as you take corrective actions?